Vittorio Sciosia

vittorio_sciosiaVittorio Sciosia was born in Milan, Italy in 1964, the 27th of May, under the sign of Gemini. His early years were spent in Milan after which his family moved south to Naples. There he assimilated the Neapolitan philosophy of life, which helped him, and still does, on his life’s path. Despite long and intense sabbaticals abroad (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Marseilles) which marked his youthfulness, Vittorio graduated at the University of Naples with a Degree in Business Administration. This University was basically chosen for its outstanding location right in front of Castel dell’Ovo and literally two steps away from the sea, a constant reminder to him of a world yet to be discovered. In search of adventure, stories and photographs, he traveled six months across Central America returning to Italy with the determination to make his career one of travel and photography. Since then, with continued enthusiasm and passion, that is exactly what he has been doing. He has acquired a master scuba diving license and out of his love of discovery and the sea, he has also embarked upon journeys deep beneath the water. Following a period of time living and working in the USA where he joined the Discovery Channel Society, he crossed back over the ocean to settle down once more in Italy. There he began a romance with, and married Anna. In two years, they were blessed with two children, Arianna and Marco who have made life all the richer. The rest of the story has yet to be written…


Vittorio Sciosia has worked, so far, with 4 Canon EOS 1n bodies and a vaste range of Canon lenses. Just recently he switched to 100% digital with the new Canon Eos 1 Ds Mark II, the latest pro SLR with an amazing 17 megapixel resolution. He is part of the CPS, standing for Canon Professional Services.